Recently Paul Alie introduced us to his way of using photo
editing software
.  Though he used Photoshop Elements  he
explained that most editing software programs include the
functions he demonstrated.  He showed us how he composes
 a painting by combining photos, adjusting size, position,
shading and color as well as a couple of "filters" that helps
simplify images by reducing confusing detail.  He also uses
the software to preplan changes or additions to paintings in
progress, trying various adjustments on the computer before
deciding which ones to apply to the work.   Paul explained
that he often paints several versions of a composition until he
is satisfied.   
After demonstrating the use of the software he painted a
version of one of his works in progress, using wet in wet, dry
brush and negative painting techniques.  Thank you Paul!

Daytrip to the Worcester Art Museum (2013)

Members of the NWS met in the Worcester Art

Museum to view 12 selected watercolor paintings

from acclaimed artists Winslow Homer and John

Singer Sargent.

The curator of the museum graciously framed the

paintings normally kept in the archives just for the

occasion. We were delighted to study the watercolors

close up and compare the painters' styles across and

array of their works.

The Worcester Art Museum had purchased some of

Sargent's watercolors in 1910 directly from Florida

where he enjoyed vacationing from his much

demanded oil portrait paintings. Kudos to Ellen Light

for arranging such an inspiring and

entertaining excursion!

At two of our winter meetings in 2010, watercolorists Marla Greenfield and Evelyn Bernal gave excellent demonstrations of their individual techniques.

Evelyn Bernal demonstrating painting a waterfall

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