About Us

The Newton Watercolor Society (NWS) was founded in 2008 to provide opportunities for artistic development for professional and amateur watercolor artists. Our members enjoy:

  • Monthly meetings include plein air painting, visiting-artist demonstrations, and watching watercolor videos.
  • We sponsor at least one 3-5-day workshop a year with internationally known watercolorists.
  • Our VHS/DVD lending library is available for use by all members.
  • The Newton Watercolor Society expects to organize an annual NWS Art Show.

To contact the NWS, please email  



The History of the Newton Watercolor Society

It was early 2008 and Mike Milburn had been doing watercolors seriously for about 10 years, attending watercolor workshops around the U.S. and Europe led by master artists such as Charles Reid and Mel Stabin.  After one such workshop in Connecticut, it occurred to him that instead of traveling to study under these great artists, why not bring artists to Newton to teach?  He contacted Charles Reid and arranged for him to come teach a workshop in Newton the summer of 2010.  Then, he just needed an organization to sponsor it. 


Meanwhile, Linda Rinearson joined the Newton Art Association (NAA) board in 2008 with the hope of attracting some watercolor artists for workshops. In fact she chose the job of running workshops when she joined the NAA board. So Mike and Linda presented a proposal to the NAA board to sponsor the Charles Reid workshop. Unfortunately it was rejected because it was seen as too financially risky.  Mike checked with other art associations and art centers around the area, but no one wanted to sponsor it either. 


Still Mike and Linda were not willing to give up this opportunity.  Together as co-presidents they decided to create their own non-profit, the Newton Watercolor Society, registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Charles Reid conducted the first profitable NWS workshop in 2010, and since then, many of the very best watercolor artists in the world have come to teach in Newton and Boston, sponsored by the Newton Watercolor Society.


2010 – Charles Reid

2011 – Mel Stabin

2012 – Nicholas Simmons

2012 - Alvaro Castagnet

2012 –Paul George

2013 – Joyce Hicks

2013 – Joseph Zbukvic

2014 – Nan Rumpf

2014 – Alvaro Castagnet

2015 - Eric Wiegardt

2015 – Z.L. Feng

2016 – Shari Blaukopf

2016 – Andy Evansen

2017 – Wendy Artin

2017 – Lian Quan Zhen

2018 - Ginny Zanger

2018 - Thomas Schaller

2018 - Catherine Gill

2019 - Iain Stewart

2019 - Eudes Correia