Virtual Meeting Possibilities
for all members
in May 2020

Wed   May 27      1:30pm      Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                               with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson

                                               First we'll look at any paintings you all did last

                                                                    week after being inspired by Shari Blaukopf. 

                                                                   Then we'll see a short video of a flower painting on

                                                                    Yupo by Brazilian artist Fabio Cembranelli.

                                                                    This will be followed by Mark Mehaffey's video

                                                                    titled "Watercolor Painting on Yupo with

                                                                    Mark Mehaffey".

                                              1:30 pm   Introduction, Sharing of Art

                                              1:40 pm   Video

                                              2:40 pm   Discussion

                                   How to join the Watercolor Video Meeting:

                                                                    Topic: Watercolor  Video & Discussion
Time: May 27, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time
                                                                    To Join the Zoom Meeting Click on this Link
                                                                     Meeting ID: 818 2634 4193

Sat   May 30       1:30pm        Watercolor Art Date:

                           and then      "Painting Water and Sky"

                           4:00pm          with Zoom*****

                                               Host: Lynn Holbein

                                               Leader: Norris Strawbridge

                                                                  Please gather for an Art Date when Norris

                                                                  Strawbridge will talk about how he paints sky and

                                                                  water in his landscapes. Norris will demonstrate

                                                                  some techniques and talk about his painting

                                                                  process.  He will show the steps he takes when

                                                                  painting a Boston scene. Then we will paint on our

                                                                  own and come back to share at 4:00. See some of

                                                                  Norris's art at


                                              1:30pm     Introduction and lesson

                                              ~2:15 or 2:30pm First part of the

                                              meeting ends

                                              ---- (pause to paint)

                                              4pm    Reconnect for a 2nd meeting

                                              4:15pm Sharing

                                    How to join the 1:30pm Art Date Meeting:

                                                                    Topic: NWS Art Date: Shari Blaukopf
Time: May 30, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time
                                                                    To Join the Zoom Meeting Click on this Link
                                                                    Meeting ID: 826 5770 3561
                                                                How to join the 4:00 Art Date Follow Up meeting:
                                                                    Topic: NWS Art Date Follow Up
                                                                    Time: May 30, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time
                                                                    To Join the 4:00 Zoom Meeting Click on this Link
                                                                     Meeting ID: 826 7733 0713


Wed   May 20      1:30pm         Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                               with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson

                                              Video by Linda Kemp

Sat   May 23       1:30pm        Watercolor Art Date:

                                                "Live Demo with Shari Blaukopf"

                                               with Zoom*****

                                               Host: Lynn Holbein

                                               Leader: Shari Blaukopf


Wed   May 13      1:30pm         Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                              with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson

                                              Video by Mary Whyte


Sat   May 16       1:30pm        Watercolor Art Date:

                                               "Discovering Yupo"

                                               with Zoom*****

                                               Host: Lynn Holbein

                                               Leader: Chetana Keltcher


Wed   May 6      1:30pm           Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                              with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson
                                                                   Video by Tony Couch


Sat   May 9       1:30pm           Watercolor Art Date:

                                              "Painting from a Live Model"

                                               with Zoom*****

                                               Discussion Leaders: Linda Rinearson

                                              and Daniel Panero


Wed   April 29   1:30pm           Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                               with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leaders: Nancy Duvergne-

                                              Smith and Linda Rinearson

                                              Video by Mary Whyte

Sat   May 2        1:30pm         Watercolor Art Date:

                                               "Discovering Gouache"

                                               with Zoom*****

                                               Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson

Wed   April 22     2pm              Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                              with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson

                                              Video by Roberto Zangarelli 



Sat   April  25    1:30pm           Watercolor Art Date: "Playful Self

                                                Portraits" with Zoom*****

                                                Discussion Leader: Nancy Duvergne



Wed   April 15     2pm              Watercolor and Video Discussion

                                              with Zoom*****

                                              Discussion Leader: Linda Rinearson

                                              Video by Joseph Zbukvic


Sat   April  18    1:30pm           Watercolor Art Date: "Putting

                                                People in Your Landscapes and

                                                Street Scenes" with Zoom*****

                                                Discussion Leader: Lynn Holbein

T U R N E R  E X H I B I T
in Mystic, Connecticut

Gitty lead a group of our members on a very inspiring and very informative daytrip to see the fabulous William Turner (1775 -1851) exhibit in Mystic, CT – the only place in the US where this special collection of 97 paintings was exhibited. The exhibition spanned the entirety of Turner’s long career and was focusing on his watercolors. This exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Tate Gallery in London.

Watercolor presentation by
A N D R E W   KU S M I N

was on
Saturday October 19, from 3:30pm -  5:30pm
at the Auburndale Library, Auburn St, Newton-Auburndale

We enjoyed a presentation by Andrew Kusmin, a well accomplished watercolorist and book
author about his approach to realistic watercolor painting and why we paint – the foundation upon which all art is created.
Andrew Kusmin is a signature member of the AWS and many other watercolor organizations and he served four years as President of the New England Watercolor Society.

Andrew Kusmin, It's About Time
Included in the The New England Watercolor Society's
2019 New England Regional Juried Exhibition


On September 21, 2019,

the Newton Watercolor Society 

was participating for the first time in the

Newtonville Village Day!
We had an outdoor sales booth/tent with standing panels displaying watercolor paintings of our members for sale. On a table we also offered cards and other printed artwork.

This was a great opportunity for the NWS to get more known within the Newton community and for our members to get their name out.


5th Annual NWS Show
Theme: "Water"

May 5 to June 29, 2019

at the
Dome Gallery
Reservoir Church, 170 Rindge Ave

Judge: Iain Stewart

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Prize: Patricia Varon with "On Narragnasett Bay"

2nd Prize: Michele Clamp with "Portsmouth, NH"

3rd Prize: Ching Lai with "Waves"

HM: Daniel Panero with "Spring Thaw at Fresh Pond"


and Calendar Publication
(as of 12/23/2018 the calendar has sold out)
"Newton in Watercolor"
September 1- 30, 2018
at Café L'Aroma
15 Spencer St, Newton
"Newton in Watercolor"
The reception for the show was
Sunday, September 9, 2013pm at Cafe L'Aroma

Each winning painting was showcased in a
beautiful calendar for 2019
This article  appeared on November 14 in the Newton TAB:
Summer Sunset Social

The event was a big success and the highlight of an otherwise hot and humid summer weekend!

Nearly 20 members and spouses came together to enjoy some cooling beverages and delicious appetizers on Friday evening in the backyard of NWS’s president Gitty Schacher.

There was talk among the tables of good places for framing, recommended art books, and of course non-art related topics. In the background played 10-minute video-clips of watercolor demos by NWS member Gary Tucker, accompanied by upbeat music.

It was such a different and enjoyable elate afternoon that we have been asked to repeat it again next year!

Workshop with Thomas Schaller
"Architecture of Light"
in July 2018

This workshop was outstanding! Thomas Schaller’s instruction was spot-on, inspiring and yet accommodating to each individual’s own style. His daily demos and helpful feedback encouraged our participants to integrate their newly-acquired knowledge and own epiphanies into their paintings, with resounding success.

Fortunately, we had a large, air-conditioned hall to protect us from the hot and humid Boston weather, with one wonderful exception: we ventured out to the new Seaport area one evening and painted the Boston skyline from the covered patio of the “Daily Catch”. While we painted, the sky changed from a beautiful sunset to a clear night, and all of the buildings, boats and street lights began to illuminate the skyline and threw their reflections across the water. What a treat!

On another evening, Tom and our members had a refreshing change of location and the good fortune to sip wine and eat hors d’oeuvres at one of our members' beautiful home. We had a lovely evening, and enjoyed talking about non-watercolor related topics.

Although we were a big group of 20 participants, we always received immediate response from Tom when asking questions, whether about determining which tonal value to apply or which part of the perspective could be improved. We now have a better understanding of the philosophy behind Tom’s decisions and use of light and contrast in his paintings; to correctly consider and apply the knowledge and techniques in our own paintings will still take time and practice, but I already look forward to seeing the results!

Tom’s workshop style was very comfortable, and the great group, abundance of snacks and coffee, and casual presence of Otis led to a very pleasant workshop experience.


Beginning of June we were visiting and painting in the
Tower Hill Botanic Garden
in Boylston, MA

We had a wonderful morning in warm weather with lots of sunshine in this large botanical garden, just 45 minutes west of Newton.

Tower Hill is one of the biggest botanical garden's in the Northeast with 17 distinct gardens, woodlands and open spaces.
Some of us painted at the cottage garden, others at the picturesque wildlife refuge pond with its rustic gazebo or at the Andalusian-court-like pool with the turtle water fountains.
Rhododendrons, azaleas, wisteria, irises and some early roses were blooming, although the focus of this botanic garden is the large variety of landscapes and not so much the colorful flowering plants.

Later we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the "Farmer and the Fork Café" followed  by a bit of critique or feedback to the individual paintings.

We all decided it would be a great idea to come back in October for the fall foliage. Now we are contemplating a theme so we can focus on a motto to paint for a judged show next year here in Tower Hill Botanic Garden. I hope you join us in the Fall!




Saturday, May 19, 2018 


was a sucessful event!

All ages participated for that morning of painting! The artists painted a huge variety of subjects: Newton City Hall, flowering plants right next to our blue canopy station, bridges over city ponds, the Johnny Kelly statue and so much more! The location offered many interesting views including the scenic Bullough Pond and of course Newton City Hall and the Newton Free Library.

We offered everyone a free package of 8 high-quality watercolor paper samples of different companies in different weights and textures to try out. Also boards for the papers and some watercolor paint samples were available for free.

Experienced artists (A big thank you to all of you!) strolled around and gave tips and advice to painters new to painting outdoors and helped some new painters to start a painting and how to go forward.

At the end of the morning, right before the rain started to set in, our expert artists gave feedback to each painting. We had a raffle drawing and found the lucky winner of an Arches Watercolor block (20 sheets, cold pressed).
Lastly, we awarded the best five paintings of brand-new and seasoned water color painters!

Coffee, water, soda and a variety of baked goods (Thank you! to all bakers!) completed the offer.

Lots of people just coming (or running) by, stayed and started painting. It was a fun morning for everyone!

The five winners of our first Paint-Out!
For more opportunities this Spring and Summer to paint with watercolors
outside aka Plein-Air,
see our Plein-Air page and our Calendar page